Bruce Middleton takes 3 Senior Titles at Garioch Indoor Bowling Club

The Garioch Senior Competition finals, the qualifying for Scottish playdowns next winter, were primarily battles between Bruce Middleton and Geoff Simpson. It finished Middleton 3 titles versus Simpson’s 2.

The Senior Singles was very even for 70 minutes, but Simpson at end 9 took 3 shots, followed by a full house of 4 at the next. This upset Middleton’s drawing. and Simpson went on to win 21-9. Titles–Middleton 0 Simpson 1

Middleton and Simpson played together in the Senior Pairs and beat Jim Grant pair in Semi final and Alex McGaughay in the final. Titles-Middleton 1 Simpson 2

Next came the Senior Triples final, without the opposition of Simpson, who was defeated in Semi-final by Bruce Middleton, Frank Sinclair and Ian Ingram. They defeated the Jim Grant trio in the final. Titles- Middleton 2 Simpson 2

The final competition was the Senior Club Fours and this was a battle between Simpson’s quartet with Phil Smith, Jim Grant and Ron Booth, who came up short against Frank Sinclair, Gordon Spence, Bruce Middleton and Ian Ingram. The game early was very even but Ingram was 5 shots down with two ends to play. He took 2 shots at second last, and then a lucky 3 at final end to tie the match. Ingram, Middleton’s skip had a close win 2-1 in the tie break. Titles- Middleton 3 Simpson 2.

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